Last day on call

Lisa King, 2005



Think of the last time you were on call. 

The day is often busy, chaotic and hectic. 


Take some time and consider all of the various aspects of your work as a resident:


How many patients did you see?

How many procedures did you do?

How many families did you meet with? 

How many other health professionals and care providers did you interact with?

How many pages?

How many phonecalls?

How many decisions did you make?

How much time did you have for yourself?



During those 24 hours (or more) of working in the hospital, which of the following CanMeds Roles did you fulfill?



From what you understand of the CanMeds Roles presently, describe how you fulfilled the following CanMEDS Roles on your last day on call.












Health Care Advocate


Medical Expert

Module Summary


Aaron Lynett, 2005
This introductory module attempts to further your understanding of the Royal College CanMEDS Roles.  The activities in this module and the reflective work promote deeper thinking about the key Roles and "art" of medicine.  Residents are expected to provide high level and front line care to a large number of complex and critically ill patients.  The stress involved in providing this service can be great at times.  So often, in medicine, we are not given the time to process the emotional and intimate experiences that we are witness to.  These modules will help you define your role as a physician.  We also hope these modules will encourage dialogue with colleagues and mentors.   Small group sessions are also a good way to explore some of the concepts presented in these modules. 


The subsequent 6 modules will present each CanMEDS Role in further detail.  We hope that the modules will be a useful learning experience as well as a resource for you throughout your residency days and beyond.



"Education is a lifelong process, in which the student can make only a beginning during his college course"  Sir William Osler[1]





1. Osler W. Aphorisms In: Reynolds R, Stone J, Nixon LL, Wear D. editors. On Doctoring. New York: Simon and Schuster Inc; 2001. p.32-36.

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