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Tutor Guide



This series of CanMEDS modules have been created for use in Postgraduate Medical Education at Queen's University (link). The modules are freely available and do not require a password.

Learners can work through the modules on their own, or programmes may include the modules in a specific CanMEDS curriculum.




The following are suggestions for using the modules as a part of your teaching:

  • Use the modules as an assignment prior to a large or small group session. The portfolio feature allows the learner to log in to the module and then save answers  as a PDF file that can be submitted.

  • Use questions from the module as discussion points in small group sessions.

  • Provide an example from your specialty and discuss one of the topics from the module.

  • Review ways that the Role(s) discussed in the module(s) can be carried out in your specialty.

  • Have participants work in groups of 2 or 3 to discuss specific questions or aspects of the module.

  • If there are ares not addressed by the module work as a group to address them and submit the content for possible inclusion in future updates.

  • Use the module as a resource or reference for other sessions/activities.

  • Use the modules as a follow-up to clinical activity.

Integrate CanMEDS into your daily work with learners:

  • Make the CanMEDS Roles a part of ward rounds, teaching sessions and case conferences.

  • Encourage residents to present rounds that focus on more than the Medical Expert Role.

  • Model all of the CanMEDS Roles in your work with residents so that they can do the same for medical students.

  • Take a few minutes with your team to review the various Roles each of you embodied that day. Help the residents to see the various Roles in the work they are doing.

  • Notice and positively reinforce when residents demonstrate a mastery of the skills associated with each of the Roles.

  • Challenge and aid your learners to grow into the Roles that might not come to them naturally.

  • Brag about your colleagues who are doing work outside of the hospital that is related to all of CanMEDS Roles.

  • Don't forget to tell the residents about the work that you do that may be invisible to them, but that establishes you as a completely rounded physician and excellent Role model!


More on the Portfolio

  • The modules contain a variety of activities to present content, test comprehension and foster reflection. 

  • The text based responses (i.e. the reflective answers, not the drag and drop exercises) can be stored in an individualized portfolio.

  • To activate the portfolio the user must first register with an email address and then login with that user information to send responses to the portfolio. 

  • Portfolio responses can be accessed by the individual user and saved or shared as a PDF.


Technical Requirements:

  • The modules are best used in Firefox.

  • To access the video content you will need Quicktime.